Tuesday, May 13, 2008

social engineering...

Working from a cool airconditioned room, as a management consultant and staying away from my hometown in Uttar Pradesh, I had in a way disconnected myself from the political realities there.

Today, a chance click at this article -> The woman with a fascinating personal story and a unique political style and reading through the well written article led my thoughts wandering in some many directions.

The socio-political strcuture of the state has gone through a very big tranformation in the last two decades. The role that regoinal parties now play over there is so strong that even the biggest national event hardly makes an impact (politically).

Last state elections in Uttar Pradesh have been the pinnacle of her success in understanding the psyche of the people of the state and have also been called as one of the biggest experiments in social engineering in the recent times. As this article points out - Mayawati's social engineering proving successful -

Nonetheless, this transformation reflects more an adaptation of the party to the
socio-political scene in Uttar Pradesh than a profound change of identity.

In management parlance there is so much about leadership and change management. Charismatic leadership and how can it impact/change the direction of an organisation is a eternally debatable issue. I dont endorse the views and idealogy of the political party that she heads. Still could not stop myself from noticing in her, a live example of charismatic leadership which so strong that an entire social class look up to her and keep giving her a mandate. She had the audacity to think big and have a vision. Although, the extent to which that vision has benefitted her vote bank might be a matter of debate, still its admirable to see the rise of a lady to highest political position in the state. And as the photo article points out in its conclusion -

You must remember that her training was not of an ordinary politician.

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