Friday, August 12, 2005

light at the end of the tunnel

finally i see hope..................

being so close to liberation does certainly bring along with it a feeling of elation. finally after 5 days of drudgery and nobrainers, finally get some time to for all things that one craves for all week long

Finally there was light at the end of the tunnel, but it turned out be of an approaching train

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Highlight of the day

A cool cool wednesday, which started very late (as usual).

Quick shower and shave. Flipped thru the newspaper and finally off for work. Often it happens that just in the middle of the week, as ones energy and josh levels peak out, one feels like taking a big break. Suddenly starts to think philosphical thoughts (where am i heading, is this really what i want from life etc....). All that and things like that.

And then finally, the eternal bulb lights up and you start feeling that you have found the solution for which mankind was waiting since centuries. You feel so proud if yourself. And you decide to put your thoughts to work.... right from next monday on ;) (u dont even risk it on a weekend).

"Your future depends on your dreams". ... So go to sleep!


In the journey of life
I have reached the very same place
at which I was some point in the past
I see my footmarks all over the place
stray memories gushing from the broken window pane
haunting memories keep flashing in the full length mirror
I pass the closet from which I had picked up
the heavy emotional baggage
whose thought still brings strain in my shoulders

This is my moment of reckoning
of making a choice
re-treading the secure past
filled with hurt, pain, hate and remorse
or to break free
head in a new direction
that’s full of hopes, dreams,
aspirations and lust for life

This time I choose the latter
I know that life is never going to be the same
from now on
'coz this is a path of freedom
freedom from the known and the unknown
freedom from the heavy baggage of dead past

I feel so light, it seems
that the only effort needed
to lift off the ground
is spreading my arms wide
on a breezy day with a clear blue sky

another day not in................

Its just tuesday and feeling hit by the office blues :(

Finally getting started

After a long break and loosing all the earlier posted material on my last blog, once again giving a try to publish my random musings on the net.

Its really amazing how this virtual medium is impacting our lives, not only at a individual level but also our society at large.

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