Thursday, March 05, 2009

No Brainer...

The oft repeated cliché in the blogsphere is inability to write a post due to mental block. People (including me) go to vast streches to emphasize that the reason behind the same is a writer’s block, busy schedule or whatever else that can be thought of as a external detriment beyond our control.

However, I came across a strange realization last night. Yesterday, I had all the time to waste (read muse and ponder) and yet despite a urge to write was unable to do so. 

Infact, have been unable to come up with a decent post in quite a while now. Indicating utter lack of original thinking and a sudden drop in the ability to introspect.

As I approached from the symptom towards the cause, I was amused with the realizations, to say the least.

The reason why I was unable to write a post last night was my inability to think in a clear and precise manner. It was a simple inability of my brain to use its cognitive faculty. However, on digging slightly deeper I realized that this wasn't something that I could have control over. It was mind over matter. A very conscious action on the part of the mind to refuse to think.

I could feel the vast undercurrents of thoughts (rather no-thoughts) kept floating around.

I think therefore I am, is an assertion which was my cornerstone for a long time.

Now the counter-point seems to have set in. 

Is it for better or for worse ? As always, I dont know.

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