Friday, February 26, 2010

Eyes have it...

You spoke to me
soft eyes
lingering glimpse

Pure emotions
and received

One fluid motion
a moment
that lasted till eternity

There is so much that eyes can say without words. Who needs words when there is such a beautiful medium of communication :)

PS: Thanks PD, for sharing the magic of such beautiful eyes and a soft smile. Although this was just a pic and all we had was just a chat. They revived me from a self-imposed state of comfortable numbness back to life. Making me realize that beauty has the power to invoke deep seated love and make you feel real and alive once again.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Trek to Bhupatgad...

Trek to Bhupatgad

So I am four trek old now. Here goes the list in chronological order -

  • Kalsubai - Highest peak on the western ghats, was only told so somewhere mid-way during the trek :(
  • Korigad - Was suppose to be a simple treak, which also made me realize how terribly out of shape I was. And yet did nothing about it.
  • Torna - Same as above, only this was a medium grade trek so made my body ache for full 4 days
  • Bhupatgad - First trek of 2010. Was a simple and fun trek. What made it even more enjoyable was the bus ride through the wilderness and the vast expanses of open spaces.

The trek to Bhupatgad happened on 14th Feb. One day which has been hyped and exalted to levels of insanity and become a big marketing opportunity. This is one particular day when singles are made to feel miserable by one and all.

Fortunately for me this trek happened and gave me an opportunity to re-connect with myself.

About the trek- The journey to the base village was a wondeful 3 hours ride from Mumbai. Initial part of it was on the Mumbai- Surat highway. However the best part came as we moved away from the highway to the roads less travelled. I am sorry I dont remember any of the locations by name, if you happen to be interested in getting the exact road directions please let me know, will connect you to my friends who are give the exact road directions.

The roads were in an amazing condition making the ride a real pleasure. And to top it were the barren and beautiful landscapes. The long streches of barren land with patches of green was such a pleasent sight and contrast to the space starved city of Mumbai. Strong gushes of fresh air on the face were a reminder that nature still exists in a pure form in not so distant places. As far as the trek goes, was a pretty easy one. Even for an out of shape person like me :)

During the trek, the view of the surrounding peaks and valleys was a beautiful sight. Luckily for us, even though we started the trek pretty late in the morning, the heat wasn't much and there was ample of shade on the way. Overall an easy trek and great way to enjoy yourself.

The reason why I would remember it is, this trek give me ample of time to re-connect with myself. Valentine day is celebrated as a day on which you are suppose to show your love and affection towards your significant other. However this Valentine Day I chose to spend quality time with myself. Realising that no matter how many trials and tribulations life throws at us, what really matters is how we choose to face them AND despite what life throws at us how much can we really enjoy and live each moment. This is one thing that we have to learn at an individual level, because filling inner void and emptiness by all things external (be it a relationship or material things) is a sure shot recipe for disaster.

Ayn Rand beautifully sums this up in The Fountainhead -

“To say ‘I love you,’ one must first know how to say the ‘I.’”

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