Sunday, May 31, 2009

My No Brainer Tweets

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  • 05:10 sleepless in mumbai :( #
  • 05:31 finally twitter -> blogger linkage working... phew... #
  • 05:33 will try to catch up on some sleep... although its almost day break.... #
  • 00:49 friday night out... 4 hrs sleep... random business plan brainstorming with trusted friends... trip to an undiscovered beach... #
  • 00:51 best sunset view in months... adventure trail back... meeting a school friend... group dinner... all in all... an awesome saturday :) #
  • 02:53 sunset views.... #
  • 03:00 log off process of the mind starting... 5 minutes remaining :) #
  • 03:01 nice slumber to follow... #
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Saturday evening at Gorai beach

Had a great time at Gorai beach with Chirag, Kaushal and Niswarth. Never knew that such a wonderful place existed so near to the place that I had been living for more than a year now. Anyways, better late than never.

Enjoyed the sunset melting away to dusk in the sea, while the beautiful sound of waves played an enchanting background music. The feeling of calmness that I experienced there almost made me feel that I was meditating with my eyes wide open. Spend close to two hours there completely soaking the silence.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

My No Brainer Tweets

  • 08:18 Tweet Summary: This is the TEST shipment you asked for 15:23 I couldn't find a tweet to post for loudtwitter # 1.. #
  • 15:26 if the week starts with monday morning blues, should end with friday evening electric blues :) #
  • 05:10 sleepless in mumbai :( #
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tweet Summary

This is the TEST shipment you asked for

  • 15:23 I couldn't find a tweet to post for loudtwitter #
  • 15:23 So I posted this. #
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Storm in a teacup...

It all started with this -

A simple snap taken for a even simpler reason, kill time while sitting in the cafeteria. For some odd reason started to feel good seeing the snap. The elation resulted in a long winding random conversation and a plan.

The plan to have a night out bang in the middle of a work week.

And wonder of all wonders, work stopped trickling earlier than I had expected. A gang of four, pushed off from office early, had a nice easy flowing dinner consisting of an elelectic combination of soup, roasted baby corn, chinese choupsey, pav bhajji, veg chesse pizza, mango milk shake and ice cream. Headed to Prajakta's new rented, spic and span apartment.

Had hours of irrelevent conversation, leg pulling and TV watching. Finally pushed off at 5 am.

This was such a welcome break for me. Only realised its impact when, the very first thing I did after reaching office was to post the following tweet-

getting infected by positivity: had been gasping for breath for long, and suddenly encountered a blast of fresh air... blown off the feet...

A lot of times I have been accused of turning melodramic all of a sudden, for no particular reason. I agree and accept that charge fully without contest. This was my temporary break from sanity, I let my mind wander and I had a blast.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

life is...

At times life seems nothing more than a series of rhetorics. Everything seems to be beautifully fitting and yet I am at the loss of understanding. And the mind becoming nothing more than a black box, which records each and every conversation and action, but is at a complete loss to understand as well as derive any shred of sense or meaning out of it.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Icecream effect...

This is what happens when I get an large cup of ice-cream to eat, all by myself ;)

The good boy pose

The offensive starts

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Idea of a Perfect weekend...

Simple joys of life are like highly perishable commodities. We need to savour them right away or else they are gone, forever. Just like an icecream which if held for long will start to melt, loose its form and soon perish.

Have lost so many of such moments, decide to go ahead and atleast put one of it to use.

Mom gave me a surprise vist. Reached here on friday evening. Instead of asking her to take a auto and reach home on her own, despite my crazy workload, decided to rushed off, picked her from station, had a quick dinner on the way and then reached home. Although I had to work pretty late through the night, but felt that the effort was worth it.

On saturday went grocery shopping with her. Picked up Paneer and Jowar bhakari (a maharashtrian roti preperation made from millets) on the way home. While mom was relaxing, dashed to the kitchen and made Paneer Makhanwala. For a pleasent surprise in ended up almost the way I was expecting it to look and taste and the best part was even mom was impressed. Experienced a few moments of unadulterated happiness.  

Small joy... lived and enjoyed to the fullest :)

Facebook says...

After a never ending series of Osho says, for a change, here is what Facebook has to say about me-

Ashutosh took the What's your geek level? quiz and the result is Tech Support

Result says: You're almost there, but not quite. Its all about the gadgets, the gizmos and developing your own website in your spare time.

my nobrainer: Yeah. No doubts and second thoughts about it. I love to drool about gadgets and myself to be a tech nerd.

Ashutosh took the how much of a math geek r u?? quiz and the result is total geek

Result says: dude..u are perfet at math!! being a geek isnt that shows ur smartness:)

my nobrainer: Happy once again :)

Ashutosh completed the quiz "What's your ideal career?" with the result Creative Arts (Artist/Writer/Actor/Musician).

Result says: Congratulations! You are destined to be involved in the Creative Arts! You are a creative, vibrant and outgoing individual who would prefer being self employed rather than live your life under the shadow of a boss or employee. Sitting in a small office all day is definitely not your cup of tea either as you would rather work in an open and pro-active environment where you can sit back, relax, and let the creative juices flow....

my nobrainer: Now this is something that strikes a deeper chord. A never ending yearning re-kindled one again

Ashutosh completed the quiz "WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE IN LIFE?" with the resultYou are an Angel in Human form..

Result says: “Just your presence is a blessing to those around you, your positive attitude is implacable and radiates change for the better in everything you do and to those around you but everything in its time thus although you may not immediately be aware of your gift everything you do, have done and are about to do is destined to enrich you in a multitude of ways. You have been put on this earth to make a difference use your gift wisely.”.

my nobrainer: YAY. What better thing could I have discovered about myself :) certainly brightened up a working weekend. A truely noble purpose of life, befitting my grand aquarian dream.

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