Saturday, May 16, 2009

Idea of a Perfect weekend...

Simple joys of life are like highly perishable commodities. We need to savour them right away or else they are gone, forever. Just like an icecream which if held for long will start to melt, loose its form and soon perish.

Have lost so many of such moments, decide to go ahead and atleast put one of it to use.

Mom gave me a surprise vist. Reached here on friday evening. Instead of asking her to take a auto and reach home on her own, despite my crazy workload, decided to rushed off, picked her from station, had a quick dinner on the way and then reached home. Although I had to work pretty late through the night, but felt that the effort was worth it.

On saturday went grocery shopping with her. Picked up Paneer and Jowar bhakari (a maharashtrian roti preperation made from millets) on the way home. While mom was relaxing, dashed to the kitchen and made Paneer Makhanwala. For a pleasent surprise in ended up almost the way I was expecting it to look and taste and the best part was even mom was impressed. Experienced a few moments of unadulterated happiness.  

Small joy... lived and enjoyed to the fullest :)

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