Tuesday, October 16, 2007


"Happiness must never be pursued, but should always ensue"

We spend so much of our time, energy and efforts on chasing happiness and yet at the end of each day find ourselves more tired and emotionally exhausted. That one fleeting moment of bliss which we experience at times makes life worth bearing and brings method in madness. And then, the very next moment after its gone we once feel lonely, miserable and cheated. We again go back to the tiring search where lies our only hope. This is an agony that we face and dont know how to get over.

So what is the way out ? (if there is a wayout)

A optimist will say - keep walking

A pessimist would turn into a cycnic

A logic driven person would remain equally clueless

And an emotional person like would write a blog ;)

To each onto his own. Or is it a self-serving Catch-22 ?

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