Wednesday, August 10, 2005


In the journey of life
I have reached the very same place
at which I was some point in the past
I see my footmarks all over the place
stray memories gushing from the broken window pane
haunting memories keep flashing in the full length mirror
I pass the closet from which I had picked up
the heavy emotional baggage
whose thought still brings strain in my shoulders

This is my moment of reckoning
of making a choice
re-treading the secure past
filled with hurt, pain, hate and remorse
or to break free
head in a new direction
that’s full of hopes, dreams,
aspirations and lust for life

This time I choose the latter
I know that life is never going to be the same
from now on
'coz this is a path of freedom
freedom from the known and the unknown
freedom from the heavy baggage of dead past

I feel so light, it seems
that the only effort needed
to lift off the ground
is spreading my arms wide
on a breezy day with a clear blue sky

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