Saturday, May 03, 2008

Chance Vs choice...

A fatalist will always leave things to chance. There is a comfort in living a life devoid of choices, or rather making someone else do that for you, be it your elder siblings, friends, parents, girlfriend, boyfriend, the higher power, angels, daemons, god. Letting someone else decide for you is a safety cushion. You don't have to evaluate options, calculate the risk/return and make a decision.

With so much of uncertainty around, at the best one can arrive at a mere informed guess through which at attempt is made to mitigate the unsystematic risk .

Finance teaches you to diversify unsystematic risk through diversification, whereas in real life situations its specification that works. The more you tends towards a situation with certainty (in your determination) the better equipped you are to handle/ face it and be in control.

So when the choices that we are making aren't really choices in absolute terms and the option of non-choice seems the easiest way out, then what to do (again a matter of choice).

Every living entity (except humans) have been programmed to follow a pattern in life- birth, growth, survival, breeding, feeding and dying. Its only we who have been left to (fatalist viewpoint) / given the opportunity to (individualistic viewpoint) evolve on our own, into whatever we can make of ourselves and opportunity that we have been given.

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