Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Local train reflections...

Often the local train commute leaves me feeling cramped and exhausted. Today morning was a similar experience. Tried to think myself away from it. Tried all kind of thoughts, from humorous to cynical, even thinking about a previous post that I had written about this was of no help.

Read previous post here -> My daily commute in Mumbai local train

Getting philosophical in the mornings and feeling dead as a log on the way back home. And standing for an hour both ways doesn't help improving the mood either. Its really frustrating to see a train arrive fully packed at 10 pm. At times all this drives you insane, and things start to seem beyond comprehension. Then again, I realise that this the price that I have to pay for choosing to live and work in a metro.

Waiting for the day when this becomes a reality (atleast for me) -> Home Advantage

Photos taken from Bleu 551x Mobile camera (1.3 Mega pixel)

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  • Anonymous said...

    Can't claim to know everything about the Mumbai locals but I've had some experience of't for sure.
    Nice post.
    What rather caught my eyes is the "hoping against hope" struggle.
    Keep it going.

  • Ashutosh said...

    @ incognito

    thanks buddy

    mumbai local trains sure teach u a lot ;)


  • Jayesh said...

    No ashutosh if this happens then this means there is an error in making out what is your means u failed to understanding its full potential and power it holds
    In fact philosophy is understanding reality...not escaping it..Philosophy will never help you in escaping reality like you were doing in the train...hope I am clear

  • Ashutosh said...

    @ Jayesh

    Point taken buddy... I am not doubting the philosphy, instead just pointing to a common weakness that we all have... which is to forget the lessons when we need them the most :)

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