Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pep Talk Helps

Well... time once again to do some pep talks... to start with (sigh) I can/will certainly/for sure definitely and ultimately be able to handle Eco (now let me concentrate on this power statement, do some power breathing and repeat ten times with full conviction).

And after the complete exercise lets hope it works

And amazing now I have completely forgotton what else I wanted to rattle, so at least all this seems to be working at least on the surface.

Listening to Bombay Vikings after a good deal of time. A classical example to Business Process Re-engineering. Keeping the outline and the framework as it is, bringing an all together new perspective where people thought none could be possible. Neeraj Shridhar entered the music industry when there was a acute dearth of good sounds (leave alone songs and lyrics). All that people where throwing on your face in the name of remixes was some techo bumble (some thing which was pioneered by Bappi Da in the eighties) added to a decent song of the yester years and a raunchy music video. The only difference being that the music Bappi Lahiri created in the eighties now seems to be some much cleaner and creative as compared to the junk that we get to hear these days (remembering Kanta Laga and all which followed), sometimes the resultant final piece so na├»ve (musically speaking, the videos are all together a different ball game  ) that at times I think that with the simple plugins available in Jet Audio, I can come up something surely at par if not bettter.

Again got carried away by one of my all time favourite numbers, "Anjanee" by Strings. There first album was so full of freshness; simple guitaring, neat percussion, fresh voice and simple lyrics. It almost seemed that the both the band members had composed the entire album during one long jam session. And by the way, the band still rocks after all the years, coz of there simplicity. The songs of "Zinda" are point to case

And then in the very next song get to hear the soulful voice of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, "Tere Bin Nai Lagta". The way he took sufi music to new heights of popularity and left behind a fan following spanning countries, religons, reigons; is awe-inspiring to say the least. When I got the taste of his music about ten years back, I was too young to grasp it in its entirity and depth (not meaning that now I have become an expert) but some chord deep down stuck and eversince have been hooked to his voice. Do remember getting to hear the live qawalli's he use to render at the annual Urs at Ajmer Sharif, which use to be telecasted live on the All India Radio. Listening to those echoing voices and the almost trance like state induced there after was probably one of my first experience of the liberation that music can make you experience.

More on this to follow sometime for sure (self-delusion i know, but isn't khush-fah-mi the key to life  )

As of now trying to focus on the B-Plan that I am trying to formulate which a friend of mine, trying to actually to put it in a structured format so that it can be submitted at the B-Plan contest at IIMA. I know this might be an overshoot kind of situation, but whats the point unless you live life on your terms and keeping streching to reach for the near impossible. Some call Atlantis and delusion but for people like me the very concept of Utopia is the fuel cell of life. And with so much of verbal warm up and about 2 hours to spare, going back to what drudgery of some dry write ups.....

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