Thursday, September 21, 2006

Free Flow

Nothing to do with the Tata Salt advt. (Although I loved the jingle "Namk ho TATA ka.... TATA namak")  ;)
But just found something that I had scrapped a dear friend of mine about a month ago -
".....just free flowing with the life... jaha le jaye, wo hi sahi... believe me this the most stress free time of my life.... aisa nahi hai ki sari problems chali gayi hai, its only that there is a change in perception... and the openess is for real, not just to applease... there is a saying which goes "relationship is ugly, relating is beautiful" ..... just getting to realise the meaning of the same.... i knw relationship & freedom are contradictions, but somehow/somewhere i have a belief that parallels meet... and would like to explore the possiblity to as far as it takes me (wish me luck) "
Trying to doze off with a headache, sore throat and some lines echoing somewhere deep within -
"The station is ominous at midnight.
Hope is a dead letter. Time to change trains for something better.
No local train now, long since departed.
No way of getting back to where you started."
- From "Night of the Fox"  by Jack Higgins

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  • Anonymous said...

    relationship is ugly...relating is beautiful...i agree ther to sm extent bt thn smtimes relationships cn b much more beautiful then just relating...n its gud u wnt 2 explore it...

  • Ashutosh said...

    @ Swati

    My only effort in life is to attempt... and also to experience each flavor as it comes to the fore.. Remember the song "Ye lamha filhaal je lene de... "

    Luck & Wishes


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