Monday, September 18, 2006

Omkara - Music to Ear

Ever since landed in Mumbai, with a brand new laptop. And absolutely no music on the hard drive (only the Pink Floyd CDs burned as backup longtime ago came to rescue) was having a very listless life. Then started the process of begging and arbit dumping of whatever I could find in English/Hindi/Instru. I have to yet to do a lot of sorting and as always direct most of the stuff in the recycle bin, but by also at the same time found some good albums which can be classified for long term listening.

Amongst the Hindi mp3s had a real assortment bombarded on me. Of the latest movie releases decided to dump three albums, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, Pyar Ke Side Effect and Omkara.

KANK proved to the most disappointing, except for Mitwa hardly anything to listen to both lyrically and musically.

Pyar Ke Side Effect for the peppy "Paape Pyaar Ka Ke"  

Omakara was movie which had some amazing cinematography. I vivdly remember the scene where Ajay Devgan gets into a fight in a brick clan, which immediately followed the title track of the movie. It was such a amazing piece of mastery over the medium of narration. The entire sequence still echoes in my mind as I am once again listening to the full toned title track, the precussion sounding so much like the traditional  nagada still used in parts to rural Uttar Pradesh. And the kind to energy put by Sukhvinder makes a real treat to listen to.

The song (O Saathe Re) has a surreal feeling to it, the lyrics have been tenderly laid making it a multi layered song full of depth and tenderness. And being a duet, lends it a fair bit of romantic appeal.

Beedi is a song written and sung in a typical raunchy way making it a full blast nautanki song, so typically of the kind of sounds/songs you hear in a village mela. Which also by the way reminds me of similar experiences that I have had first hand when I use to visit the dusshera melas around our native village as a kid.

The last song "Namak" has catchiness, teasing and at the same time highly metaphorical lyrics sung in a semi classical way by Rekha. Having touches of qawalli and sufi style to it makes it a good choice to not only end but actually complete the album. 

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