Sunday, September 17, 2006

Lost in transition

After sinking neck deep into loads of activities came the flash of realisation that its been an amazingly long time (slighty more than a month by the calander) ever since I have collected myself (as goes the cult classic song from Dark Side of The Moon - "You re-arrange yourself till your sane".. ;)

Well so much has happened since the 12th of last month that upon lookin back dont know how to put things in a chronological order and a perspective. Last night I was thinking about how the concept of "home" has changed for me. Its been more than three years since I have left home (12th May 2003 was the first time I ventured out, bag'n'baggage or rather boriya-bistar samet sounds more fitting). Ever since then have been in constant touch, calling back almost on a
daily basis. And thinking of the place of and on but with a strange sense to detachment. The typical sense of warm that use to strike at the very first thought is now taken over by a very impersonal feeling which for a long time had tried to repress and later when finally acknowledged, still struggling to put it in words..

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