Thursday, January 22, 2009

In the name of religion...

For the last two days there is a constant menice going on in full swing behind our office. In the posh residential housing complex (rental for 2BHK starting at Rs. 50k per month) situated just behind our office building there is some sadhu who is in full action, catering to the religious idiosyncracies of the rich and the wannabes. 

I rarely use such harsh words, and mostly pefer to be in a state of happy indifference, but the status-quo was broken by a headache and irritation resulting from the loudspeakers blaring so called bhajans, which by the way have been composed on the latest hindi movie music (read Himesh et. al.).

Two things struck me -
  • The business acumen of these so called "religious preachers". Really admire the way they have sliced and diced the market and done the market segmentation of religious disclosures (or similar sounding). And within it, identified a niche for themselves in the form of the affluent upper middle class people. 
  • The cacophony to which people are ready to sumbit themselves in the name of religion. 
At times I think, expecting a basic level of maturity from people when they act as a member of a group (submitting themselves to herd mentality) is probably too much to ask for.

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