Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Free advice...

We all are surrounded by so many well-wishers who want to fix a thousand things in us. But little does anyone realise, that beyond a certain point, which is, after the age of 12; we tend to develop a fair understanding of what is right. 

And by the time we mature into adulthood, we absolutely know how things ought to be in our life. And in complete awareness of the fact, we behave the way that we behave. Yet have to keep going through the motions of listening to so much of gyan from others on how should our lives be.

How useful it would have been if anyone pointed out how exactly to reach where ever they want us to, things would be so much better. But again that would start yet another round of circular conversation :p

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  • Anonymous said...

    i totally agree, however I kind of think i reached a mental platitude at the age of 16 and not 12... and have been exactly at the same intellectual level since ! ( which in retrospect doesn't sound like an altogether good thing !!)

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