Thursday, November 09, 2006

Walk of life....

At times you write to express, at times to confess, at times when you have a thing or two to share... and then there are times you have no clue as to why is it that you at unease with yourself. Trying to blabber all through words what makes no sense to you, leave alone others.

I hate these moments and have so many times tried to replace the feeling of emptiness with so much else. Its like something I tried in a recent workshop (pic above), walking on broken glass. I was the last person to try this, but once I actually gathered courage and plunged in, there was a great amount of insight that emerged.

Life is so much like this, we have broken glass pieces scattered all across our way, all the unpleasent memories and not so good experiences of the past which still are imprinted in our mind. All whats even worse is the kind of insulation that we have created around us in the fear of being hurt even deeper by these. The constant state of anxiety in which we spend our lives because of the set of events that happened in past and the way that they keep coming back to us in so many ways. Being haunted by the past.

At times the only way out is to take the path of direct confrontation. Gathering the courage to stand up, gather courage and to walk through all broken glass pieces.

There is an old fable.... Darkness approached God and said, "Enough is enough! Your sun goes on haunting me, chasing me. I can never rest; wherever I go to rest he is there, and I have to run away again. And I have not done any wrong to him. This is unjust. And I have come to you to get justice." It was perfectly right; the complaint was true. And God called the sun and asked the sun, "Why do you go on chasing this poor woman, darkness? What has she done to you?" The sun said, "I don't know her at all. I have never seen her. You just call her in front of me; only then can I say something. I don't remember ever having done any wrong to her, because I don't know her. We are not familiar. Nobody has ever introduced us to each other, we are not even acquainted. It is for the first time from you that I am hearing about this woman, this darkness. You call her!"

The case remains pending -- because God could not call darkness before the sun. They cannot exist together, they cannot encounter each other. When darkness is, the sun cannot be; when the sun is, the darkness cannot be. Exactly the same is the relationship between mind and reality: the psychology is the problem, the reality never is a problem. You just dissolve your psychological problems -- and they are dissolved by dissolving the center of them all: the ego.

Once you don't think yourself separate from existence, problems simply evaporate, as dewdrops disappear in the morning when the sun rises, not even leaving a trace behind. They simply disappear.

Sometimes, all it takes is gathering the courage and taking the plunge. And what has been holding us back all this time is the trap in which we have encaged ourselves and petrified to come out of. Even walking blind folded is not as scary as we think it t be, its just a matter of self-belief and trusting others with there judgements about you and the way thet best deem to be ment for you. It both that conspire to make living a meaningful existence.

So here I am, rending myself vulnerable to life once again.

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