Thursday, November 23, 2006

अव्यक्त .....

Have not been able to sleep much for the last two days due to some issues at the PG where I am staying. With barely 3-4 hrs of sleep and 12 hrs of classes, assignments and group projects, and 3 end term papers lined up next week life has once again taken a challenging turn. Hope that I can live up to it.

As I mentioned there are some minor issues which have been a cause of minor irritation. Tried to vent it out, but in vain. Nothing can be more frustrating than a poem hanging mid-way, and here I had not one but two with similar fate. Since that hasn't worked, so trying something else for the very first time, posting an unfinished poems and that too something which I am not satisfied with ....

Nov, 23rd 2006 (0213 hrs)

And yet again
I have wrapped myself
In a gloomy shade of blue

Cold and numb
Seeking comfort in isolation

A synaptic disconnect

Between living and breathing
Blank open spaces

Problem statement of life
Whether to understand the me within
or the world outside, the without......
(to be continued and finished)

Nov, 22nd 2006 (0132 hrs)

कुछ नयी कठीनाईयो का सामना हुआ
मन आज फिर घबराया
भावो के ओत प्रोत से

पुरानी यादे, अवसाद सी
चारो ओर
एक काली चादर

मैने अपने को
फिर उसी जग जगह पाया
सेहमा बेबस

कोल्हू के बैल जैसा
एक जगह अटका हुआ
और गोल घुमाया ...............
(अल्प विराम )

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