Friday, August 04, 2006

Focus :-(

Human ego plays strange games, at times it over rides even the most logical and obvious thought processes in favor of thoughts that you never ever thought…

Ok… well thats to vent out… and damn this constant irritating humming that i have to been hearing for the last 3 hrs from my collegue, some ad jingle :( I am barely able to focus and write....

As for the rest, less than a month now before my course starts. There hasn't been any sudden drastric change eversince the admission was confirmed, instead I see a metamorphosis.

My interest in blogging (read sharing my veiws, has re-kindled). And have got some real constructive, valuable and helpful feedback in this regards from my collegue Gaurav. Made me realise a lot of things about the layout and the contents.

As for the rest.. today my mind seems to be too wayward to focus and write about a single thing.

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