Monday, August 10, 2009

Reflection in the mirror...

Often even the mirror doesn’t show the reality. We only see what we want to see. It is our perception that we see in the mirror. And perception is nothing more than our interpretation of everything within us and beyond. The looking glass through which we choose to see both the inside and the outside world. If the world seems to have turned sepia all of a sudden, it is because of the tinted lens that we put on and not due to change in world order.

The same holds true for relationships and the way we choose to connect with the world. If we are empty from inside then no matter how complete the other person is, all that we will see is portions of his/ her that are empty too. The glass will always seem to be half empty. The world around us will always seem to have a void. A no matter how hard we attempt to fill the void by filling it with more and more companionship, activities and actions, the feeling of emptiness is going to remain there, forever. And gradually when all our attempts start to fail, we start to head towards despair and hopelessness starts to crop in from all spheres.

The only way to end this misery is look inwards, and accept oneself. Accept oneself for the person we are, for the past we had, our current and past relations, and for all that that constitutes a part of our being. It is only when start the process of accepting and becoming at peace with oneself that we will start to understanding things in a wider perspective and start to appreciate things that form a part of external reality.

And it is only after reaching this stage that we can start to look for a meaning and fulfilling relationship. One which does not bind us down and lead us to despair, but instead, liberates us and pushes us up towards greater heights of love and happiness.

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  • Nidhi said...


    It's a good one... Different thought...I can tell that u r right, what we want to see,we can see that thing only...from last few months I am going thru this condition, ur blog gave me new view.

    keep writing.

  • Ashutosh said...

    @ Nidhi...

    Glad you could connect to what I wrote.

    I have strongly felt that even though individual situations vary, yet the basic under-current of emotions is the same. Its for this precise reason I try to keep my writings open ended.

    Whenever you get a chance do have a look at some other posts under the tag "Personal" and would really appreciate if you leave a comment/ feedback.



  • Hemant Sonawane's Studio said...

    I like your style of writing. Keep it going, Ashutosh !!

    Best Regards,
    ~ Hemant

  • Ashutosh said...


    Thanks for your appreciation :)

    Keep visiting and commenting


  • Unknown said...

    Hey Ashutosh,

    Very well written and true thoughts, I do think the same first look inwards and then at others.
    Your flow of thoughts is too good and it makes the reader to connect with their personal life.

    Kanika :)

  • Ashutosh said...


    Thanks :)

    Will take that as a compliment.

    Like I have said earlier, there is a common theme of thoughts and emotions which run through the lives of all of us. If someone is successful in putting them in words others can strongly relate to it.

    Keep visiting and commenting.


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