Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Perception of Perfection

Someone close to me wrote during a series of intermittentent conversations -

there is nothing perfect in this word..but when u have your own perception of perfection in your mind then life becomes very difficult becoz then its really difficult to adjust in other scenario which according to one is not perfect

So what really should we change, our definition of perception or our perception ?

Any suggestions ???

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  • premonition said...

    The perception of perfection is not half as important as the pursuit of "perception" as defined by the world at large. Otherwise, its all too easy to redefine one's own concept of "Perfection" every time there is a significant hurdle or setback in one's life and fall into the narcissistic, self deluding trap of "Yes, I still am perfect despite that..". Analogies to the twin concepts of moral and religious relativism could be drawn at this point. Just because a suicide bombing mission is considered martyrdom in some religions does not make it any more justified than its actual worth (which is nothing). Perhaps, the concepts of perfection and morality should be defined by the masses not the individual.

  • Ashutosh said...

    @ Premonition...

    I agree. Sometimes its the journey that matters more than the destination. Because its the journey that teaches you, gives new horizons and perspectives.

    Changing our definition of perception will be nothing more than a adjustment and a compromise. However at times when life slaps a reality thats too harsh for us to face, we tend to do that. You may call it escape however, for me its more of a survival mechanism.

    We all tend to live more or less within the boundaries of our self-defined world, its only when this tends from semi-functional towards dysfunctional that its termed as a pathological disorder, which leads people towards extremism of all sorts.

    There is a thin line between being normal and turning insane. I believe that its our functional responses which govern which side of the line are we on. If we can think, act and behave within the confines of whats socially acceptable we are labelled normal. However, when our thoughts and action tend towards harming others (from our immediate family, to society, to nation, to other nations) then it becomes insanity.

    And as you rightly pointed out the only way to ensure that sanity is in place is by ensuring that keep looking inwards and keep pursuit on. As, the fabled Atlantis, which although might be a mere illusion but it represents hope.

  • Deepika said...

    Hey it happens... And i think its very normal when we know something can be this much perfect we excpect perfection from it.... Both definations are fine and we don't need to change our perception too... its just situation specific!

  • Ashutosh said...

    @ Deepika

    Thanks for your comment.

    Then I guess I am going through a series of exact same situations :)
    At whats worse is that I don't see any patterns emerging.

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