Monday, March 12, 2007

Ye dil maange more........

As the placement season in the most exalted b-schools in India (the IIMs) starts and reaches its full frenzy within a short span of hours, the aspirations and determination of all management aspirants reaches an all time high, with the fattest ever pay package laid in the platter. This is the time of the year when we get to view a glitzy spectacle which proves two things : firstly, the paradigm shift that India has experienced and how we have moved towards a veiw point which evaluates a management gradute solely on the basis of how much was salary package he/she was able to grab in the placements; secondly, our sheer passion and single point agenda of living a salaried life.

The way I look at both of these, there seems to a paradox to me. Now since we live in a country of paradoxes, I have been tempted a number of times to ignore this, and follow the chalta hai law. However, now as I face the quarter life crisis and am in the process of confronting a number of issues and comming in terms with life, as I choose to view it, this issue again came to the fore.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Dream as - "a strongly desired goal or purpose". Desire is something that we long for, which also at the same time is furturistic in nature. Chase dreams, is something we have heard so many times in life and at times cherished too. However, how many of us have actually given it a thought at a decision point in our life.

A handful of students of the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) have once set precedent by making a stand at one of the most crutical decision point of there life, by making a choice to chase there dreams, not just a job.

One of most amusing and insightful statement in the article (hyperlinked above) was "The cushion of two more chances will also help the students to withstand the pressure from parents to get a ‘decent job’"

Post Script: Although it was very tempting for me to end this article in a "Moral of the story" format, but I refrained। I would like anyone who is reading this article to use his/her own thought process and formulate there own conclusion, because thats the first step towards an enabled life.

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