Sunday, March 25, 2007

Men who blew...

After staying awake till 4 am and having a packed schedule of classes from 8 am to 8 pm yesterday, I realised that it was not the best day to form an opinion. So after a good night sleep there is one thought which is still there is my mind, without the slightlest bit of remorse and hard feelings, I have been wondering all this while as to how did the Indian Cricket Team achieve the task of loosing with -

  • A batting line-up of 7 batsmen
  • Chasing (which is considered to be our forte)
  • So much at stake (both in terms of reputation and performance)
  • A coaching using most innovative techniques ( Six Thinking Hats et. al.)

Times of India reports -

It is understood that coach Greg Chappell, whose tenure is unlikely to be renewed, would give a damning report on India's performance though for public appearance sake, he kept repeating that rather than any individual's failure, the team collectively shares responsibility.

Chappell believed that the team collapsed under "the weight of expectations" which started building up soon after the team had suffered a shocking loss to Bangladesh in their group opener on March 17.

Chappell believed that the Indian players were under more pressure than any other international team members.

"I think India is definitely under more pressure because of the weight of expectations back home," said Chappell.

"It does have an effect, and I would say from the experience of the last few weeks, it definitely had its effect.

"Coming into the Bangladesh game, I thought the boys were a bit anxious at that stage, and the pressure built from there. That pressure had a bearing on what happened out there on Friday."

It seems, based on the statements mentioned above, that the root cuase of the mishap was the pressure to win, whereas till date I was under the impression that the reason why India Team was in West Indies was to win some matches and perform.

So much for the enlightenment and now back to some of the core competencies, the blame game and future planning has already started.

And then someone was reminded of the power of positive thinking - We didn't lose, the other guy won

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