Sunday, January 24, 2010

Farewell Grandmom...

Grand mom passed away day before yesterday (21st Jan) after a year long struggle with bad health. A life lived well. Full of dignity, hard work and pride. 

Despite bad weather and two flight cancellations I was fortunate enough to reach Allahabad to perform the last rites as per Hindu belief at the bank of river Ganges. After a long series of rituals (mostly symbolic) that are to be followed in the Hindu way of cremation was able to gain insight into the deeper meaning attached to a few of them. I only pray and hope that she finds liberation from the cycle of birth and death and moves to a higher level of consciousness.

May her soul rest in peace.

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  • Ramesh Sood said...

    Sad to learn about the Demise of your Grand Mother, Ashutosh! They are so precious. May her soul rest in eternal peace. But then I have always felt that no one goes. They all stay... In Roots Aldous Huxley says there are three kinds of people on earth -
    those who are living, who have live and those who are yet to come.. Somehow I have always believed in it....

    Take care.. her blessings are always with you.

    Ramesh Sood

  • Ashutosh said...

    @ Mr. Sood...

    Thanks for your prayer and concern.

    There are so many ways in which we can look at such things. On one hand it can perceived as a loss.

    Whereas on the other, it can be opportunity for us to realize the divine scheme of things. Where everything is "nash-war" and change is the only constant. During the 13 days period that I spend at my native place, I got a chance to pickup Sri-mad-bhagvat Gita and re-read chapter 2 (Shankhya Yog) which so beautifully explains this concept.

    Its so ironical that even though we all know that one day we are going to die, we are so afraid of it. And spend our lives in a constant denial and delusion.

    Thanks once again


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