Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The spirit of Mumbai...

My life seems to be eventful as always. Just when I decide to call it quits at my job and take a short five day break before I am suppose to join my new job, the worst terror attack in the history of Mumbai happens.

I was holed up in my flat for three full days, feeling frustrated, angry and lost. The only relief was that I did not have a television at home and hence was saved from the mental agony of watching the gory pictures and the mindless reporting that consumed the minds of so many of my friends. As for all those who had a television at home, the un-ending sequence of events (gun shots, blasts, hostage situation) made the entire experience so full of anxietry that many of them spend the entire weekend brooding over it.

Its ironic that at times like this the major public broadcast mediums (TV & Radio) decide to supress these human emotions even furthur. All of them go over the top talking about the spirit of Mumbai, barely realising that the already stressed out common man of Mumbai, at testing times like thses instead of hiding behind the facade of bravado needs a vent.

I strongly believe that at times like these its ok to express and to acknowledge the emotions that play in ones mind. I for one felt sad, vulnerable, angry, victimised, frustrated and insecure. And I am not afraid to acknowledge, vent and get these feelings out of system.

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  • satyanveshi said...

    True said..

    In this moment of utmost national crisis and personal loss to many, the insensitive approach of media is highly condemnable.

    And also, how can the authorities allow the live feed of commando operation to the terrorists inside.

    It was truly pathetic to watch Indian media fall to its lowest.

  • Ashutosh said...

    @ satyanveshi

    Thanks for u'r comments... The media menice that we live in is a direct after effect of more and more people moving away from seeking the actual news towards sensationalism...

    And now to top it all, we have our dear politicians planning to take full leverage out all this...


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