Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I remember all four times when I received my first salary in the respective organisations. Each time it was special, and interestingly each time it meant a different thing, the spectrum spanning from excitement to relief to amusement to satisfaction.

30th June 2003 (Mumbai)
28th Feb 2005 (Noida)
31st May 2005 (Gurgaon)
30th April 2008 (Mumbai)

This time around its 701% over what I got the first time. And 109% over what I had got in my last organisation (pre PGDBA). Seems going to b-school wasn't that bad an option. The numbers seem to have taken into account the opportunity cost and have made it a risk adjusted return (after all shifting industries wasnt something I had conceived to be as easy).

Also, one more interesting trend is that each time the figure has approximately doubled. Wont really mind if the trend keeps going in the years to come, coz the CAGR happens to be 51.61 %


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