Sunday, May 20, 2007

Psycho-Socio-Mental Impact of SCM

On the eve of the start of second academic phase exams at our college, here I am sitting gloriously with books, notes and hand-outs of Logistics & Supply Chain Management (SCM) which forms a core bunch of the Operations related subjects that we studied during this entire phase.

And as I sit by the window on the sixth floor apartment of my relative and give a half-pondering/ half- blank stare at the setting sun, I get a brainwave :)

Why not start the solution to the case study that we will be getting tommorrow with the noble statement - "Man is a social animal..... " and then proceed further to discuss the sociological impact of demands; the psychological impact of demand management in SCM and what better way to sum up by bringing to light the fact that how demand-pull and forecast-pull create an adverse impact on an poor student like me :p

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