Friday, April 20, 2007

Marketing Mix of Life ...

Passion and Profession are two of the most overlooked 2 P's of life. My management friends will surely understand it right away, and for the rest here is a quick Marketing 101.

We are so often caught in the trap of living upto 'n' number of expectations, both real and percieved, that we tend ignore things core to ourselves. Passion is something thats pure indulgence from the heart. And Profession is where we devote more than half of our waking and walking time. Yet there are so few of us actually think and move in the direction of clubbing these two.

In the ever cluttered space of Indian Online Job Portals there is little differentiation in terms of product offering. And as the dog fight starts for claiming the #1 slot, we can only expect things to get worse. I happened to come across a wonderful business model in the area of Online Recruitment used by Careerspice.

Here is what the section marked - "the careerspice difference" on the website says :

By studying the lives of extraordinary achievers through history, a unique discovery was made for the professional. The single source of all extraordinary achievements is Passion. There is an innate Passion within everyone. When tapped and aligned with properly, ones full potential is realized and great accomplishment is made. Careerspice is founded on this discovery. It is the only online employment service that utilizes deep profiling with passion™ at its core.

The next generation: Careerspice is seizing the opportunity to shift the industry paradigm to a more personalized plane. The Match PSS™ system focuses on deep employment compatibility rather than the current "cookie-cutter fit" practices. Based on key employment dimensions (passion™, strengths, and skills), Match PSS™ captures detailed attributes from both sides of the equation. This system narrows the field from thousands of random results to a highly select cases that are compatible. A win-win for job seeker and employer.

Careerspice services come at competitive rates to employers and are free for job seekers.

Its high time now for the Indian Job Portals to evolve there business models and think about something on similar lines. Or else the moment we update our resumes on any of the job portals, the first impact is a bunch of calls from Placement Consultants forcing upon you an entire range of job offers, ranging from wierd to amusing to downright absurd. And most importantly, having very little corelation with the description that you have had to fill in all those forms while you were signing up as a job seeker with these portals.

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