Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Rural BPOs

How I wish projects like ->

attain a critical mass and turn into a viable revenue stream for both rural India as well as the companies. Saloni Malhotra, Project Head, Rural Business Process Outsourcing, IIT Madras also points out a clear cost difference of 30-40 per cent between a service provider in the city and rural areas, which is a considerable amount by any standards.

Although, its too nascent but compels me to draw a parallel with the initial surge of BPO industry in India, where all the low level work, often termed as Back-Office, was outsourced to India because of two reasons -

(1) Cost Advantage
(2) Skilled workforce (an MBA or an MCom doing Insurance/Claims Processing).

It also reminds me of the legend of OfficeTiger . How two young americans went through a reverse evolution and landed up in Chennai way back in 1999. A time when the BPO buzz had not even started.

And now, as the father of BPO Industry in India, Mr. Raman Roy, after American Express, GE and Spectramind, is going strong with his fourth venture, Quattro , and with a tag line announcing - "Beyond the existing", he doesnt leave much to imagination. Through Quattro he has a clear intention of moving up the value chain in the BPO industry. And just in case if anyone has any doubts, have a look at this article -> Father of BPO gets ready for 4th baby.

As the BPO industry in India is going through a phase of rapid and steady growth , the speculation of moving up the value chain have become intense. Now alomost all the big players in the BPO Industry not just pose themselves as an Outsourcing option, but instead talk about end to end business solutions -> What next for India's BPO sector

As more as more such opportunities come the way of big BPO players its inevitable that they will have to start looking at options like Rural Back Office Operations with much more seriousness rather than just another CSR Initiative.

In this scenario I really dream of a day when India can truely call itself the outsourcing hub of the world. And provide end-to-end business soltions spaning all types of services being offered in the BPO sector.

Here is an article giving an exhaustive listing and a general overveiw of the sector as well -> BPO Industry in India- A Report

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  • Sanjukta said...

    Hi Ashutosh... I reminded you of Amrita Pritam....That's unbelievable.. I mean almost too much to take..

    Thanks so much.

    It was so encouraging to read the article on Rural BPO.. so glad you gave the link.. I am trying to do similar things by blogging and other New media technologies..we can bridge the gap between rural and urban by using technology.. This nation can be so much beautiful if we optimise our resources and man power...

    Some day..

    pls visit again..and so will I.

    PS. Yeah I cross post on both wordpress and blogspot

  • Ashutosh said...

    @ sanjukta

    there are some common emotions which form the fabric of our existence.... it was just some words and expressions which made me relate...

    surely would like to read more posts on your blog and discuss how can we use tech. to bring about a difference in the society... one of the concepts that also facinates me is social entrepreneurship...

    how i wish i cud be doin something in these areas...

    keep visiting :)


  • Pranil Naik said...

    Hi Ashutosh,

    Happened to read your blog. Read the post on Rural BPO - was a nice read.

    We run a non-profit effort whereby we impart spoken English skills to youth from financially underprivileged backgrounds

    We run a rural effort too in a place called Shirpur (Maharashtra). Currently working through contacts to get some outsourced work there.

    If you still interested, woudl like to have you in.

    Can talk in detail later - I write a blog too, should give you details about our effort "TheMaverickZone@blogspot.com"


  • Ashutosh said...

    @ Pranil,

    It was a pleasure going through your posts and feels great to know that someone around me is involved in such activities. Would love to be a part of this process and contribute in any possible way. Will discuss in detail the next time we meet.

    All the best


  • andry Lofez said...

    Its a wonderful blog, i read this and got more information about rural BPO.thanks ashutosh for giving this article.

  • Ashutosh said...

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Ashutosh said...

    @ Andy

    Thanks for visiting. I am glad this article was of help to you.


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