Wednesday, July 26, 2006

leaving job

One thing is yet to penetrate my thick skin, why is it so throughly impossible for organisations to make the exit process easier, especially for people with relatively lesser work experience (relatively new to the corporate enviroment) who might be leaving job not neccessarily for a better one.

Although unrelated, found an very level headed article, meant for typical emotinally challenged people, like me ;) who tend to get carried away, way to often ->

Also, one more interesting link, the best thing about this test is the direct relevence and applicability is has, the last section in the test results is "Take Action" (obvious to lagna hi nahi chaheye, love this american logic) ->

And here is the 2 mins instant noodles version of the same ->

After, so much side tracking.... today i have a meeting with my Line HR, in which we have to decide the exit date and the money i have to pay in lieu of leaving earlier than the prescribed notice period :(

I have thinking (although for selfish purposes) that a person who wants to quit job for higher studies should be given a laxity and treted with consideration as oppose to a person who is quitting to join a different job (who is often considered to be "poached"). There should be policies appicable in these two situations. This again sets my mind adrift, an very broad-based questions starts floating in my mind, "What should be the role of HR Department in an Organisation ?". This is something that needs to be considered/contemplated from a contemporary perspective in an ever changing work environments, where there is a constant pull between the professional/organisational requirements and personal commitments (both careerwise and family related).

Found a generic definition of Human Resource Management ->

Still at a loss of ideas relating to issue, probably some time later, with the right mix of theory, past personal experience and enlightment, might get some clarity relating to this issue.......

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