Saturday, November 11, 2006

MBTI Interpretation

Yippeee....... a week after I administered MBTI Test on myself, with the help of a dear friend of mine, who is a trained psychologist and currently into advanced research, got the scoring and the interpretation done for my personality type for Organisations.

Here are the results ->


You are: I- Introvert, N- Intuitive, F- feeling, P- Perceiving.

Which means Introverted Feeling with Intuition.

INFPs are open-minded, idealistic, insightful and flexible individuals who want their work to contribute to something that matters. They enjoy working by themselves or in small groups where they can be creative.

Contributions to the Organization-They communicate and persuade with their ideals, draw individuals together around a common purpose, work to find matches for people in organizations, seek new ideas and possibilities for the organization, quietly push an organization to uphold its values.

Leadership style- Take a facilitative approach, Prefer unique leadership roles rather than conventional ones, Work independently toward their vision, are more likely to praise than to critique others, encourage people to act on their ideals.

Preferred learning style- Quietly engaging their interests, and imaginatively presented, flexible and focused on their own and others' development.

Problem- solving approach- Want to reflect on what is really important to them and others(F) and to seek out creative possibilities(N), May need to gather factual data (S) and decide about things more objectivity (T) for optimal results.

Preferred work Environments- Contain pleasant and committed people focused on important values, have a cooperative atmosphere with a lightness of spirit, allow privacy as well as collegiality, provide flexibility with minimal routine, are nonbureaucratic, foster calm and quiet, allow time and space for reflection.

Suggestions for development- May need to learn to work with what is rather than searching for an ideal response, may need to develop more tough - mindedness and a willingness to say "no", may need to foster in facts and logic along with their personal values, may need to develop and implement action plans.

In short you are adaptable, committed, curious, deep, devoted, empathetic, gentle, idealistic, imaginative, intimate, loyal and reticent.


Phew... thats a lot of insight...... :)

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