Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Storm in a teacup...

It all started with this -

A simple snap taken for a even simpler reason, kill time while sitting in the cafeteria. For some odd reason started to feel good seeing the snap. The elation resulted in a long winding random conversation and a plan.

The plan to have a night out bang in the middle of a work week.

And wonder of all wonders, work stopped trickling earlier than I had expected. A gang of four, pushed off from office early, had a nice easy flowing dinner consisting of an elelectic combination of soup, roasted baby corn, chinese choupsey, pav bhajji, veg chesse pizza, mango milk shake and ice cream. Headed to Prajakta's new rented, spic and span apartment.

Had hours of irrelevent conversation, leg pulling and TV watching. Finally pushed off at 5 am.

This was such a welcome break for me. Only realised its impact when, the very first thing I did after reaching office was to post the following tweet-

getting infected by positivity: had been gasping for breath for long, and suddenly encountered a blast of fresh air... blown off the feet...

A lot of times I have been accused of turning melodramic all of a sudden, for no particular reason. I agree and accept that charge fully without contest. This was my temporary break from sanity, I let my mind wander and I had a blast.

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