Friday, February 06, 2009

Pulp fiction

After so much wishful thinking, finally attending the Kala Ghoda Art Festival which is organised by the Kala Ghoda Association. This has become a annual feature which attracts artists and audience from far and wide. 

I registered myself for a workshop on pulp-fiction. I have always been fasinated by this form literature. Pulp-fiction is created for purely for commercial consumption. This is a form of writing which has been created for the masses. Its a complete anti-thesis of convetional literarture which is exists to fulfill much higher and nobler causes. Art for the masses sake, thats what it can be called. 

This form of writing has been hugely pouplar in the vernacular medium. There was a big wave of pulp fiction in the 1970s and 80s. Noted columnist Mrinal Pande has written an interesting article on - The life and death of Hindi puld fiction

Really looking forward to some enjoyable time this weekend :)

And yet again, one more idea for a perfect sunday (and saturday as well)

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